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Our general contracting services meet the needs of our demanding commercial and industrial customers.

McCormick Structural Systems Inc. Services

Building Construction

As an experienced general contractor, we can build you a conventional steel and block building or provide you with a metal building package. Metal buildings when compared to conventional construction can offer an owner affordability because of the less expensive materials and much faster completion of the project.

  • Experienced Design-Build General Contractor
  • Conventional Steel/Block
  • Pre-Engineered Metal Building
  • Safety Values / Environmentally Friendly
Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

When looking at the future growth of a company, metal buildings are less expensive and uncomplicated to expand. It is also easier to incorporate other materials such as glass, brick, concrete and stone into a metal building, providing limitless design possibilities.

  • Less Expensive & More Affordable
  • Unlimited Design Possibilities
  • Expedited Construction
  • Easy Growth and Expansion
Concrete Construction

We are concrete specialists for heavy machine foundations. The experience of the crew helps to maintain the high quality of work as well as correct any unforeseen problems that may arise. Having our own concrete crew helps us to incorporate any special concrete needs into the building construction.

  • Experienced, In-House Crew
  • Drainage Trenches, Loading Docks, & More
  • Building and Heavy Machine Foundations
  • Robotic Total Station for Precision
Site Work

Having our own equipment for the excavation of our projects allows us to complete them in a timely manner.  We have the capability of clearing the site, performing cuts and fills to achieve the contours best suited for the building site and excavating for building foundations.

  • In-House Crew with Owned Equipment
  • Excavation / Site Work
  • Storm Water Retention, Piping and Catch Basins
  • Building Demolition
Interior Renovations

McCormick Structural Systems, Inc. has the ability and expertise to assist with your interior renovations. We can remodel your existing space to better suit your companies needs.  With many years experience we can help assist your design for better product flow whether a new room to a total redesign.

  • Interior Build-Outs
  • Interior Renovations
  • Work with your Designers
  • From Construction to Finish
Building Maintenance

When we show up to the jobsite we have everything we need with us to perform just about any task you may have. We can repair falling gutters, loose trim and patch leaking roof panels. If a truck driver or jitney driver hits a section of building or your door jamb, we have you covered.

  • Experienced Crew
  • Fix Gutters and Loose Trim
  • Patch Leaks
  • Repair accidents from Forklifts
What can we build for you?